ISIS Releases Horrifying Video Showing Mass Executions [GRAPHIC]

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The Islamic State has just released an absolutely horrifying video to mark the Muslim festival of Eid. As Ramadan draws to a close, the jihadists are ramping up their efforts to slaughter everything in sight.

The video shows a group of terrified prisoners who have been loaded into the back of a truck like a herd of cattle. They cling to each other in utter fear as they are driven to a mass grave, where they are systematically shot in a brutal act of genocide, carried out by Islamic terrorists.


The men in the video, none of whom appear to be over the age of 40, are reported to be Iraqi Army deserters. Their executions are believed to have taken place in Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit.

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Scenes which were too graphic to be shown here include hundreds of men sitting on the ground with their hands bound, waiting to be shot. As reported by MailOnline:

Other prisoners are shown being hit with rifle butts and shoes whilst they march blindfolded. Unable to see, they hold the shoulder of the man in front. The chain of men is led down some stairs to a small jetty, covered in blood. One by one, they are taken by one of the jihadists to the edge of the jetty, where they are shot in the head with a pistol and their body tossed into the water.

A second video shows a suicide bomber bragging moments before detonating the vehicle he is driving near a large concrete building, killing himself.

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