Lying Liberal Reporter Gets DESTROYED By The Israeli Prime Minister Himself

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As Hamas continues to violently end cease fire after cease fire by hurling rockets in the direction of Jewish civilians, some are still favoring the side of Hamas terrorists. As Israel has no choice but to retaliate, Liberal news outlets here in the United States have taken a remarkably ignorant stand against Israel.

When the Prime Minister of the attacked country got a chance to stand up for himself however, he completely destroyed the NBC anchor that tried perverting the truth to fit a hostile agenda.

The entire incident began on Sunday’s episode of Meet The Press, where David Gregory and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just about had it out over the facts regarding the current crisis. As the increasingly staggering amount of bodies pile up on the side of Palestine, Gregory arrogantly poked fun at Netanyahu and his intelligence agency asking whether or not they know that the GPS coordinates they are bombing are schools filled with children.

Making the entirety of the situation clear, and calling Gregory out on his distortion of the facts, Netanyahu stated:

Hamas is responsible for the death of civilians. We’re not targeting a single civilian. We’re responding to Hamas action and we’re telling the civilians to leave. Hamas is telling them to stay. Why is it telling them to stay? Because it wants to pile up their own dead bodies. They not only want to kill our people, they want to sacrifice their own people.

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He later on continued to correct Gregory’s mistruths by saying:

We still do not target schools. These schools, the [sic] of these schools were used to attack us. Our forces responded, but our initial investigation now doesn’t show that it’s our fire, it actually shows that it may have been Hamas rocket fire. That’s still being investigated.

But the important thing to understand is that the reason we have civilians killed is not because Israel is targeting civilians but because Hamas is using civilians as human shields. We use missiles to protect our people. They use their people to protect their missiles.

Now, we all know that Netanyahu is right and that the deaths of Palestinian civilians fall directly at the feet of Hamas, but why is this so hard for Liberals to understand? Israel is telling civilians to leave because they’re going to bomb Hamas Terrorists. In turn, Hamas terrorists are telling them to stay, and then they cry foul when civilians are bombed with Israel follows through with their promise?

Hamas is effectively killing their own “people” for propaganda purposes in order to demonize Israel – and the worst part is, it’s working. Liberals all across the globe are falling for this crap and it’s ridiculous. Now granted, seeing an innocent civilian die is not acceptable under any circumstance, but a nation has the right to defend itself from those that wish to do them harm.

What do you guys think though – is Israel doing its best to ensure the least amount of innocent blood is shed? Feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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