MMA Fighter That Took On Four Intruders And Killed One Learns His Fate

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In today’s society almost anyone’s truth can be perverted to fit into Liberal agenda – especially if they can somehow include the word “tolerance” in there somewhere. As one MMA fighter recently fought against 4 intruders and killed one in the process, well, you can see where some might get a bit nervous about his story.

It all began when 4 thugs kicked in the door of Joseph Torrez who, by the way, just so happened to be an MMA fighter. As the intruders began trying to stick Torrez with a few knives, he had no choice but to defend himself, and did just that killing one in the process.

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At the time, officers notified Torrez that he more than likely wouldn’t face charges as all evidence pointed toward self-defense, but that they’d let him know. Now that they’ve finally released the findings of their investigation, they’ve announced that Torrez will not being facing the time behind bars as the threat he was up against justified his actions.

This is huge in the America we live as Liberals usually love to pounce on issues like excessive force ending in murder like a cat on catnip. After all, having been trained in MMA, Torrez fists are considered deadly weapons.

And these criminals weren’t all the violent – I mean, hey, they only had knives which, as we all know, are nowhere near as dangerous as guns. What do you guys think though – should there really have been any question as to whether or not Torrez had the right to defend himself, home and family against knife wielding intruders via any means necessary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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