Outrage: Pregnant Woman Put In Chokehold By NYPD For Illegally Grilling

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Another video has surfaced of the NYPD using excessive force, and this time it was against a pregnant woman. According to The New York Daily News, the video shows police busting a seven-months-pregnant mother named Rosan Miller for illegally grilling on the sidewalk.

Miller, 27, is seen struggling with a cop as the officer wraps his arm around her neck. The video, which was released by an advocacy group on Monday, shows her 6 year-old daughter looking on in horror as police take down her mother and put her in a chokehold.

Officer’s were investigating a call about Miller grilling illegally when a fight broke out between police and her husband and brother. Her brother and husband, John and Moses Miller, were charged with resisting arrest and obstruction while Rosan was charged with disorderly conduct.

The incident occurred at a particularly bad time for the NYPD. Just last week, a man died while in a chokehold with New York Police officers. The city is currently investigating this situation, but New Yorkers are outraged by the video.

When former city councilman Charles Barron heard about the incident, he was stunned. He immediately called the NYPD to complain and “expedite” the Millers’ release.

“This was all over a grill,” a shocked Barron said. “This is about grilling in front of her house.”

Whether they feel like their actions were physically warranted or not, the NYPD really needs to get it together before someone else dies in their custody.

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