Illegal Aliens To Take Precedence Over American Citizens In Emergency Evacuation

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As if those breaking our nation’s laws aren’t being gifted enough (you know, food, money, shelter and jobs) it seems that even their lives now take precedence over Americans to the current administration. According to a new report, illegal aliens are to be evacuated before a mandatory evacuation notice is issued to civilians.

The shocking statement was made during a meeting between emergency managers in the Rio Grande Valley region who were trying to prepare for the unforeseen occurrence of natural disaster. As we all know, in times of crisis, and especially evacuation, chaos ensues – so any way to further reduce any variables in such is highly desired.

Trying to do just that NWS Coordinator Barry Goldsmith explains that as they are picking up the tab for 4,000+ illegals, they’re also responsible for their well being as well. When posed with the hypothetical question of natural disaster, Goldsmith notes, “You have extra sheltering areas and detention centers right here and are they able to withstand the wind, are they able to withstand flood waters nearby to get humanitarian relief.”

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Now obviously there’s no way we, as fellow human beings, would abandon people in times of crisis, but it’s the way officials are going about it that has Americans up in arms. Apparently, in the name of “efficiency,” Goldsmith and his gang of geniuses have stated that they’ll ship out the illegals first before notifying the public they must evacuate.

“The entire Valley detention areas will be evacuated first,” Goldsmith describes. “In other words, before the public gets their mandatory evacuation, the plan is to get all these unaccompanied women and children out of the Valley and to safer ground.”

Yet again, this administration, in all its brilliance, has made clear the amount of care and compassion it holds for the American people. Truly indicative of the reason Americans aren’t fond of gifting illegals with citizenship, the government has proven they can’t handle the responsibility of caring for American’s let along the additional influx.

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