Watch this Bong Dealing Dem. Candidate For Mayor Get Tased By Police

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Hawaii is a safe haven for laid back surfer dudes – and Democrats – so when you hear about a bong dealer getting tased by police on the streets, it’s really no big deal. What about if we told you that this bong dealer was also a Democratic candidate for Mayor though – are you any more intrigued?

The entire incident began when a police officer pulled over Beau Hawkes, “for talking on his cell phone while driving a car with no license, registration, plates or tags,” according to Progressives Today. As Hawkes explains however, the sh – er I mean, crap, hit the fan when “I explained to the officer that I actually don’t need a license plate — that I’m a private individual here. … I also told him that I had a right to use my cell phone if I’d like.”

As if this wasn’t enough to irritate the officer, Hawkes further told the policeman, “I’m late for a meeting. I have to go,” at which point he drove off. Sadly for him, his in-depth knowledge of the law wasn’t quite up to par, so when he took off, police viewed it as him trying to flee – which he was.

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The rest (of the hilarity) was caught on tape as officers eventually caught back up to Hawkes and forced him from his car in which the Dem. Candidate was seen further trying to flee on foot. It was just about over when he screamed, “Come on cop. You can’t do this dude. You can’t do this.”

Uh – yes they can.

If you, a criminal, are trying to flee police, they have the right to detain you through any non-lethal means possible, including via the use of a taser. Fortunately for us, that’s exactly what this officer decided to do, and mid-step, he discharged his taser and dropped Hawkes like a bag of potatoes in the middle of the street.

Take a peek at the video and let us know what you thought of this in the comments below. Are Democrats starting to take suit after Obama’s lawless actions? If not, why are more and more becoming more brazen when it comes to breaking the law?

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