Obama Personally Demands Israel Surrender To Hamas Terrorists

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Despite Obama recently declaring that the White House isn’t going to be injecting themselves into the Hamas/Israel crisis, his actions are proving otherwise. According to recent reports Obama personally called the Israeli Prime Minister to basically demand they surrender to Hamas – the terrorists attacking their country.

For some reason, Obama fails to see, the almost countless now, ceasefire agreements that have been cut short by Hamas terrorists lobbing rockets over the wall during the supposed no-fire time. Instead of realizing that the Muslim extremists are using civilians as human shields in order to protect their rockets all the while instigating war, Obama is apparently on their side.

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Of course, this would make sense if Obama learns about all the issues of both the world and America by watching the news, but Obama is urging Israel to take the moral High Ground. According to the Conservative Tribune:

Obama conducted a phone call with Netanyahu where he stressed his desire for a ceasefire, citing that Palestinians need to be allowed to live “normal lives” and have the Palestinian Authority strengthened.

Notice how Obama refers to the terrorists as a “Palestinian Authority”? Riiiiight.

Now, we all know that Hamas is intent on one thing – the utter demise of the Jews as a people. As Obama continues to spew his “tolerant” ideals however, it’s becoming clearer just the kind of monster he really is.

I don’t care who you are – if you back a group outwardly aiming at genocide, you are on the side of evil. What do you guys think of this? Feel free to let us know how this makes you feel in the comments below.

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