Like Father, Like Daughter: Malia Obama Slacks Off At Work


July 28, 2014 12:13pm PST

Malia Obama has allegedly been having the summer of her life working as a coffee wench for Halle Berry’s television show “Extant.” However, when TMZ caught up with one of the show’s stars, he didn’t seem to know anything about Malia working there.

Sergio Harford says that though he’s been told that the president’s daughter is working on his show, he doesn’t remember ever meeting her. When the reporter tells him Malia is working on his set, the star says “really? that’s news to me!”

He goes on to say that “If I met Malia Obama…I didn’t know it!”

Huh…this is strange. If Malia was REALLY doing her job, one would think that the cast would at least know her face. Maybe Malia is taking after her father and slacking off on the set. She seems like a true Obama! Her parents must be so proud…

What do you think? Does it seem like Malia is blending in on set, or do you think she’s slacking off on the job? Let us know in the comments below!



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