Hypocritical Obama Tells Africa To Stop “Making Excuses” For Economy

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Obama has delivered quite a few hypocritical doozies in his time, but his most recent may be his worst yet. According to a statement, African leaders need to stop “making excuses” for their struggling economy, and take accountability instead.

Say WHAT?!?

Of all the people to ever speak on economical neglect, Obama should perhaps be the last in line. Despite his manipulative perversion of the truth, middle class Americans (you know, the majority of us) are still struggling and although everything costs a bit more these days, we aren’t getting paid any more.

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Most of this is thanks to Obama – seeing how he’s in charge, and ultimately responsible, he still bears the blame despite the fact that he’d done nothing (which is exactly the problem) – yet he seems blinded by his own self-glorification to see the state the American people are truly in. This though, could be because he’s spent the past 6 years living like a king, but who knows – maybe he thinks things aren’t so bad.

Either way, he recently announced that he’s going to be forking over a whopping $38 million in aide to Africa (maybe he doesn’t know we’re already trillions in debt) in order to help their struggling economy. The handout however came with a stern talking to as Obama demanded that leaders stop “making excuses” and get down to fixing the root causes of the problem.

Another tidbit worth mentioning, as the African leaders commenced in their brownnosing hopeful of a payout, they referred to Obama as, “His Excellency.” How much do you think he enjoyed that?

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