Watch This Reporter Grow Some Cajones And Challenge Obama Head To Head

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We’ve all seen, with 100% certainty, that the mainstream media will bend over at anytime for the current administration so long as they simply ask. So when a reporter from a leftist leaning news media outlet steps up and challenges Obama, like what recently occurred, it’s truly something noteworthy.

Obama has done just about nothing to help the economy despite the promises of hope and change, and he’s done even far less, although previously thought impossible, to help the American people. Needless to say, as Obama droned on and on about how good the country’s doing compared to the times before he was in office, and a new reporter called him out on his BS, viewers could only say one thing – “it’s about time.”

The incident occurred on CNBC where, as previously noted, a reporter specializing in economics, Steve Liesman, was speaking to Obama regarding the overall status of our economy. Obama lit off a few of his prepared facts given to him by those who actually know what they’re talking about but seemed to gloss over one of the most important facts.

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Of course, seeing how it’s not a positive, Obama felt it unnecessary to mention it, but the reporter decided to go over it anyways. In an act of brazen courage, rarely seen amongst reporters who usually toss softballs in Obama’s direction, he decided to bring up those that Obama hasn’t helped – the American people.

According to the Capitalism Institute:

Liesman quickly pointed out that median household incomes have not improved, but have in fact remained stagnant at about $50,000, despite virtual across the board increases in prices and inflation.

Obama, like always just played the blame game saying the trend was a decades old issue involving flaws in globalization and technology. Trying his best to explain how this isn’t his fault, he vauguely mentions a few “policies” that were set into place so long ago preventing him from successfully following through with the change he initially promised.

Now that you guys have seen it for yourself – what do you have to say about it? Why is it that reporters are resistant to do their jobs and tend to shy away from giving Obama a hard time? Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

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