Megyn Kelly Vows To Stand Alone To Expose Obama

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In a recent interview, Megyn Kelly opened up about something that we’ve all been aware of for some time now; the fact that real, honest journalism is basically dead in the mainstream media. Kelly lamented:

“Oftentimes it feels like Fox stands alone in the media on certain stories. And then, lo and behold, several months will pass something will come out to prove that we were right.”

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Fox takes a lot of flack from liberals who wish they’d only report on certain things, but the network’s commitment to bringing their audience relevant news stories has earned them the respect of a huge viewer base. As Kelly put it:

“Some of these stories get completely blown off by many in the mainstream media. If we don’t tell it at Fox News, in all likelihood some of these stories won’t get told.”

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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