Cop Asks Open Carrier If He’s Allowed To Open Carry…Literally Doesn’t Know

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Well this is embarrassing! This video shows a man with an open carry permit carrying a gun through a Seattle park. A police officer stops him and asks him if he is allowed to carry a gun in the public park. According to Liveleak, the man assumed the cop was trying to mess with him, so he replied that he is aware of the law.

The Police Officer then asks him what the law is, and seems to genuinely not know what the law is about open carrying. The cop seems to be disappointed when the man won’t tell him what the law is, and eventually he has no choice but to drive away and do some research on the second amendment!

In actuality, the park does ban the use of firearms, but the open carrier see’s the signs about this rule as “unenforceable” and “outdated.”

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