Thugs Pick Wrong Store To Rob: Get Owned By MMA Fighter Clerk

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Two Houston thugs picked the wrong convenience store to burglarize on Friday as they came face to face with a champion MMA fighter.

Mayura Dissanayake was working the register at the store when he saw his coworker come back from the bank. The coworker had just gotten out of his car when he was jumped by a group of thugs who were after the bank money.

Seeing that his friend was in trouble, Dissanayake took action quickly. The cage fighter ran outside and took the thugs down before they even knew what was happening. He single handedly beat the punks as they tried to flee the scene.

Dissanayake managed to knock one of the robbers out while the other two thieves escaped in their getaway vehicle. Houston police are still looking for them at this time, but residents of the city are still calling this a “feel good story.”

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