Police Chief Retaliates Against Tea Party Leader In The Most Inappropriate Way

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Campbell, Wisconsin, Police Chief Tim Kelemen is not a fan of the local Tea Party leader, Greg Luce. He finds Luce’s protests to impeach Obama on a particular interstate overpasses annoying. He even went so far as to persuaded the town board to pass an ordinance banning signs on the bridge. But this is not the half of what Keleman was willing to do to antagonize Luce.

Luce had his Tea Party comrades phone into the police station to voice their outrage over the new ordinance. After all, it was a violation of their First Amendment rights. Luce never expected what Keleman would do in response to completely defame him.

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Keleman retaliated against Luce’s efforts by signing the man up for homosexual dating, pornography and federal healthcare websites. He told investigators “he didn’t think what he was doing was a big deal.” Riiiiiight…

As usual, because this story does not fit the liberal agenda, it is not being reported by the mainstream media. If the tables were turned and a Tea Party leader had done this dirty act to a police chief, we’d never hear the end of it.

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H/T: IJ Review

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