Doctor Uses Personal Firearm To Stop Crazy Patient In Midst Of Shootout

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A Pennsylvania doctor is being hailed as a hero after brandishing his personal firearm during an appointment with a mentally ill patient which went horribly awry.

On Thursday, Richard Plotts visited the Sister Marie Lenahan Wellness Center at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby, PA. His caseworker, 53-year-old Theresa Hunt, was accompanying him during a visit with 52-year-old psychiatrist Dr. Lee Silverman.

Plotts has a history of criminal activity, mental instability and suicide attempts. He is exactly the type of person who the Left want to keep from possessing a firearm, but as is evidenced by this story, harsh gun control laws do nothing to keep weapons out of the hands of crazies like Plotts.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood described Plotts’ history with the law:

“His criminal record goes back to the early 1990’s for three arrests for illegal possession of firearms and arrests for narcotics violations and assaults in Philadelphia. In Upper Darby, he has been 302’d [involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital] on at least three occasions. The last one of the three was in January 2013… He’s got a long history of guns and mental illness.”

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For an unknown reason, during his appointment on Thursday, Plotts pulled a gun and opened fire. He fatally wounded Hunt with two shots to the face and had the same fate in mind for Silverman. After a bullet grazed the side of his head, the Dr. reached for his personal firearm. He was able to fire at Plotts, hitting him three times, at which point the madman retreated out into the hallway of the medical center. There, two other professionals were able to tackle and restrain him before he was able to take any more lives.

Dr. Silverman is a concealed carry advocate who adamantly disagrees with his workplace’s policy that only security guards are allowed to carry weapons. As an ultrasound technician at the facility stated, “There’s a sign on the door that says you have to check your weapons at the front. But you can’t expect every crazy person to do that.”

Plotts’ ex-wife was not entirely surprised to hear of his shooting rampage. She told the local news affiliate:

“He was always very controlling and very violent. He was physically abusive, mentally abusive, and I just never thought, the many times he was in and out of jail, he had changed from any of that. I’m not surprised.”

If Plotts survives the injuries he incurred during this incident, he will be charged with first degree murder.

Had Silverman not had his handgun on him that day, Plotts would have been able to claim a lot of innocent lives before turning his gun on himself. We would have seen the likes of another Newtown massacre or Virgin Killer rampage. If the Democrats had their way, law-abiding gun owners like Silverman would be powerless against dangerous lunatics like Plotts.

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H/T: Ben Swann

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