Massive Demonstrations Taking Place Countrywide In Protest Of Obama

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As Obama continues to neglect the American people while giving those that break our nation’s laws pretty much everything they want, it seems that America has had just about enough of Obama. To combat the detrimental effects Obama has had while occupying the White House, Americans have taken to voicing their outrage via massive demonstrations.

As “we the people” have made it increasingly clearer that Obama needs to be ousted from the Oval Office before any more damage can be done, impeachment talks are finally starting to become a bit more frequent indicative of a potential reality.   Rallies, such as the recent one in Massachusetts are to blame as elected officials are feeling a bit more emboldened given the overwhelming support.


According to reports, with the help of Jeff Kuhner, host of WRKO’s The Kuhner Report, activists were able to organize an event in which around 10,000 people showed up to voice their outrage over their Governor’s recent decision to house illegals throughout the state. Given that this would not be an issue if it weren’t for Obama’s intentional neglect on the matter, it’s a blemish upon his presidency as well through indirect means.

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Trying to get across the transparent manipulation inflicted on the American people, Kuhner explained, “These are not children. When you say child, the implication is 4, 5, 6 [years old]. They’re teenagers – many of them are gangbangers … If you’re 15, you’re not a child. A child is 12 and under.”

This manufactured crisis is just another flaw in the current administration’s attempts to successfully run a country. Instead of doing what’s best for the American people, Obama would rather do what’s best for he and his race for future generations to come despite the nation being thrust into turmoil.

What do you guys think – as these demonstrations become more frequent, will it come time for Obama to face the music? Feel free to let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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