Idiot Forgets To Remove Suicide Belt During Funeral, Chaos Ensues

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Perhaps the best feel-good videos are that of idiot terrorists accidentally blowing themselves up – or better yet, taking a few more with them. A video of just that was recently captured as a mass of mourners frolicked down the street during what appears to have been a funeral.

As the group of people were dancing and chanting while carrying a corpse down the street, on idiot amongst the crowd must not have had time to stop home to remove his suicide vest before attending the funeral. Its unclear as to whether or not the explosion was intentional, or a button got bumped during the chaos, but the vest went off either way.

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Immediately after the explosion, people are seen scattering for their lives as the bomb surely took out a few more people. You know, jihadists should really pay more attention because this kind of nonsense just makes it harder on everyone.

Now a few more holes have to be dug, more celebration/funerals will be had, and let’s just hope that another one of these instances kicks off the cycle again. What do you guys think of this video? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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