Impeachment Movement Explodes As Obama Continues Biased Lawlessness

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Obama has demonstrated time and time again that nothing will stand in the way of his agenda, not even our nation’s laws. Most recently, as thousands upon thousands of illegals hop across our border into the open arms of Democrats, the GOP, alongside with several tired Americans, has said enough is enough.

As a result, the impeachment movement is taking off and could soon be a reality Obama is faced with.

Individual states have been tasked with finding new ways to protect their own borders as Obama willingly neglects the nations. Instead of combating the current invasion, Obama has taken to offering a series of Executive Actions that would grant amnesty to those that break our nation’s laws.

For this, Obama may pay the ultimate price.

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According to Rep. Ted Yoho, “He either enforces the laws on the books—as he was hired and elected to do—or he leaves Congress no option. This is not our choice, this is the President’s choice and I would advise him to uphold the law on the books.”

Now, Yoho is only one of the most recent GOP voices speaking out against Obama’s continued lawlessness as a general consensus has finally been had. The only problem is that Democrats could basically care less as it doesn’t affect them seeing which side of the crisis they’re on.

In order to make them feel the effects to the maximum effects, the GOP has taken to playing Obama’s game – the blame game. After all, in order to get into office, or remain there, you have to be elected – a reality not possible if the majority of your constituents are ticked off at you.

As we all know, if Conservatives and the GOP want to win back the majority power of both the House and Senate, the best way to do that is to outrage the public. According to Rep. Ron DeSantis, Harry Reid may be the first to go.

“Whatever we do, we gotta figure Reid isn’t going to go ahead with it, so basically it’s a message bill, well we’re going to go tell our constituents, ‘well here’s what we’ve done, Reid won’t do it.’ So this is kind of just political blame shifting.”

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He eventually went on to add, “Trent Franks mentioned he has a resolution that specifically lists all the ways the president has failed and invited the crisis, lists a number of things that the president could actually do to solve the crisis. I think there’s a lot of sense that that’s a good idea, right out of the gate, to do that. And then whatever you do after that, we’ll see.”

This movement is headed toward one thing, and one thing only – the White House. And if determined GOP members can make enough GOP constituents aware of the issue, and outrage them to the extent in which they should be, national support would be calling for the blood of Obama via impeachment.

Many politicians have called for it already, but despite his several different scandals and countless acts of Constitutional overstep, this reality is yet to be enacted. What do you guys think though – is it high time Obama be given the boot? Feel free to let us know your feelings on the matter in the comments below.

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