Judge Judy DESTROYS 21 Year-Old Deadbeat Father Of 10 Kids


July 27, 2014 12:29am PST

Judge Judy doesn’t tolerate any rudeness in her courtroom, so when this smug young thug tries to take over she teaches him a lesson!

The video begins with the 21 year old thug bragging that he has 10 children with “about 4” different women. All of the kids are under 5 years old.

The cocky young man then tries to joke that Judge Judy’s daughter is one of his baby mamas: BIG mistake!

When she starts to scold the insolent child, he tells her “this may be your show, but this is my episode!”

At this point, Judge Judy has had enough! She tells the thug that he should have stayed in school longer for the sake of his “10 unfortunate children.”

Judge Judy then lectures this idiot like the child that he is before she finally rules against him.

Ah, there’s nothing like a good dose of reality from Judge Judy!


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