EPIC TEAM: Chuck Norris And The NRA Teaming Up To Tick Off Liberals

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As Liberals try to slowly corrode the very rights our forefathers sought to protect when drafting the U.S. Constitution, it seems that more drastic measures must be taken to get our point across. Most recently, in an epic announcement, the NRA and Chuck Norris have banded together to defend the Second Amendment.

Chuck Norris is, and has been, a long time member of the NRA and has taken an active stance regarding the groups initiatives. As you may remember, the NRA funded a series of commercials starring none other than Norris and boy did it burrow beneath Liberal skin.

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If you haven’t seen one of those before, or just want to see one again, feel free to watch one below:

Once again shooting for the same effects, Norris has agreed to be the honorary chair of the NRA’s Trigger The Vote campaign. The most recent campaign coming from the gun-loving organization seeks to defend the Second Amendment by getting those who own guns registered to vote – and in so, represented to their fullest extent.

According to Norris, “The only protection against attacks on our Second Amendment rights and the democratic process is your vote, and this year in particular, we will need each and every individual gun owner’s vote, in every precinct and every district across the country.”

Now that you guys know what they’re up to, feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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