Power Hungry Cop Gets Owned By Guy Who Knows His Rights

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This video proves that some cops will do or say anything to assert they’re power over civilians. Watch as an officer questions a man for videotaping on a public street, which is in no way illegal.

When the cop asks the man for identification, the man refuses. This is well within his rights. He does not need to identify himself to the officer, because he is not a suspect in a crime. The cop doesn’t like this though, and threatens to detain the man for not identifying himself.

During the six minute exchange between the officer and the innocent man, two backup officers arrived on the scene. Instead of patrolling the streets of Palm Beach for real criminals, they decided to harass an innocent guy.

In one last ditch effort to try to get the man to identify himself, the officer threatens to arrest him. When the man asks why in the world would the officer arrest him, the officer replies laughably, ” for obstruction of me.”

Can you imagine what these officers would be capable of with the help of military-grade weapons if Obama were to enact Martial Law? It’s these very sort of power-hungry people who should absolutely NOT be given a job in law enforcement.

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