Does This Video Prove the Government Is Lying About 9/11?

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We all know there is a certain amount of mistruths that are going to come forward when the government explains any catastrophic events perpetrated against the United States, but does that make it ok? Proving that this is the case – if you are in fact so blind to the facts that you think the government tells the truth no matter what – one video demonstrates that even on something rather insignificant, the government found it necessary to like.

According to several eye witness testimony, along with new reports, temperatures underneath the collapsed World Trade Centers were so hot that they could not only bend metal, but melt it entirely. As the government sought to distinguish what actually happened on those days, NIST did a thorough analysis of 9/11 and the days immediately following.

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When confronted with the fact that emergency personnel were pulling up heaps of molten and fused metal, one NIST official tried to brush off the truth as speculation. The video however goes on to show, beyond a shadow of a doubt – and even offered a photo of molten metal being pulled from the depths of the wreckage – that temperatures were extremely hot beneath the surface.

The theory here – which delves off into the land of the tin foil hat brigade – is that the government used thermite to bring down the WTC. Whether or not that is the case, is a debate sure to continue long after today. What is important – despite many American’s already knowing this to be true – is that the government is lying, and as indicative of such, covering something up.

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