Ghetto Woman Argues With Judge In Court: Gets OWNED

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This woman sure learns to shut her mouth! Ebony Burks is being arraigned for domestic violence and assault charges in multiple cases when she starts causing trouble in the courtroom. Judge Gary Bennett sets her bond at $7500 and tell her that she can’t go anywhere near her boyfriend, who is the man she assaulted.

Because she lives with the man, Ebony does the math and realizes this means she can’t go to her own house. Even though this is a routine requirement in domestic violence cases, the defendant is blown away and she lets the judge know exactly how she feels!

When she talks back the first time, the Judge sentences her to 30 days in jail for contempt of court. Angered by this, Ebony says “bye,” with as much attitude as she can muster and begins to walk away. The Judge orders her back, and begins to add 30 days to her sentence every time she talks back.

Unfortunately for Ebony, she can’t keep her mouth shut, so her sentence keeps getting longer and longer. Eventually, Ebony is sentence to 300 days in jail. She exits the court with a bitter “F*** you!” as she goes off to serve her lengthy sentence.

Next time maybe she’ll learn to keep her big mouth shut!

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