Michelle Obama Burns Through 50K Tax Payer Dollars On Lingerie


July 25, 2014 11:40am PST

The Obama’s have never been shy about their luxurious purchases while using tax payer funded dollars to fuel their life of leisure. Despite the Obama’s thinking the Treasury is their own personal checkbook and that Americans would eventually get used to it, we haven’t – especially when Michelle spends $50K on underwear.

Apparently, when she was in NY city, her royal heinous – er, I mean, the First Lady, decided to have a little shopping spree at the expense of we the people. According to The Telegraph, she visited Agent Provocateur, where she spent over fifty thousand dollars on “the sexiest lingerie in the world.”

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Of course the owner of the store couldn’t delve into their clientele but did say that some high-profile clients have been recently stopping by. According to the British news outlet, Michelle’s visit, albeit unverified, was responsible for a 12% hike in prices at the 5th avenue store.

To get just a taste of what kind of price tags Michelle felt so entitled to purchase, The Daily Caller, explains, “[t]he least expensive item in the store is a thong that retails for $90. Bras and corsets start at $200, and other lingerie goes upwards of $3,000.”

What do you guys think – is there any way that Michelle should have been able to afford this little outing on her own? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.


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