Outrage: Kid’s Show Features Lesbian Couple Getting Late Term Abortion

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A kid’s television show on ABC Family is crossing the line with some very immoral content. The “family friendly” network recently aired an episode of the show “The Fosters” that featured a lesbian couple getting a late term abortion.

According to The Daily Caller, the show is about a lesbian couple and their family of foster children. It is produced by iconic singer/actress Jennifer Lopez.

On Monday, an episode entitled “Mother” aired depicting a 20 weeks-pregnant main character named Lena in a desperate situation. Lena is at the hospital and is diagnosed with preeclampsia. Doctors tell her she could die if she continues the pregnancy, so she and her wife can either induce labor and watch their child die or end the pregnancy right away (oh,the drama).

Lena and her wife Stef decide to abort the pregnancy in order to save her life. Even though the term “abortion” is never used, it is very clear what is happening when they end her five month pregnancy.

I’m glad our children have such great role models on television these days! Lesbians, murder, abortion? Sounds like a family friendly show to me!

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