Joe Biden Insults His Own Children In Front Of Large Crowd

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Joe Biden has been at it again, folks! He continues to make comments which embarrass the Democratic Party and we continue to get a kick out of laughing at him. Most recently, he was caught complaining about the fact that his daughter doesn’t have a very high paying job.

Biden told the audience at the Urban League conference in Cincinnati that he “should have had one Republican kid to go out and make money.” His reasoning was the following:

“You know, so when they put me in a home, I get a window with a view. You know what I mean? But my daughter is a social worker.”

Biden may be getting put in a home sooner than he’d like if he continues to make these crazy remarks. Wherever he ends up, he will surely continue with the gaffes. It seems as though he cannot help himself.

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H/T: IJ Review

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