Race Baiting Left Tried To Throw Trayvon Martin Trial By Falsifying MAJOR Evidence

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Amidst the Trayvon Martin case, much speculation was floating about as to what exactly happened and who was to blame. As it turns out, it seems that some had a more devious hand in trying to sway the outcome of the trial as it has now been exposed of attempts made to falsify evidence that would have significantly impacted the verdict.

The events that came out – despite media bias leaning heavily toward that of Trayvon Martin – were mainly hushed by news outlets due to its extremely ludicrous nature. Amidst the chaos of the trial, the Volusia County medical examiner, Dr. Shiping Bao, released a report that stated the fatal injuries sustained by Trayvon proved Zimmerman’s testimony to be false.

According to Bao’s findings, the gunshot wounds inflicted upon Martin entered from his back – not his chest. As you can probably remember, Zimmerman explained that Trayvon was atop him, raining down Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) style blows down on him prompting him to defend his life.

Soon after learning of the news, Liberally biased news outlets, such as Alternet started pumping out the leftist propaganda saying:

“According to the former assistant coroner, the results of Martin’s autopsy clearly showed that, despite Zimmerman’s statements regarding their altercation, there was no feasible way for Martin to have been on top of Zimmerman when the gun was fired, because the bullet entered Martin’s back.”

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This however was shut down extremely quick and Bao was immediately fired for making the brazen and asinine claims that could easily be proven inaccurate. Alternet, after discovering their massive blunder also felt so obligated by their error to come out with a statement to address the public, as described by NewsOne, saying:

In response to our inquiry, Alternet reporter Rod Bastanmehr apologized for the “potential inaccuracy” in his report which alleged that Dr. Shiping Bao claimed George Zimmerman shot Trayvon in the back.

“Potential Inaccuracy”?

This was nothing more than a blatant attempt to falsify evidence in order to sway a court case in a direction more suitable of Liberal agenda. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and it only makes those who learned of it wonder how much money was stuffed into Bao’s pockets to make him stick his neck out like that.

Of course, trying to keep up the appearance of an honest and trustworthy doctor, Bao has since announced a $100 million lawsuit deriving from the case. Apparently he feels his termination was not justified and the blemish on his character was unwarranted and in dire need of monetary compensation.

What do you guys think of this – is there any way that a mistake of this magnitude could be made? Let us know your thoughts on the entire ordeal in the comments below.

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