Black Panthers Throw Birthday Party For Domestic Terrorist

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As it turns out, in between their racially charged riots and violent hate crimes, the Black Panthers have found the time to fit in a birthday celebration for two of their favorite members. One of those members, M.A. “Smitty” Smith, is dead. Looks like a career with the Black Panther Party shortens your life expectancy.

The other member of the Party who was honored was Assata Shakur. In case you’re unfamiliar with this woman, she’s had quite a storied life. She first came into trouble with the law in 1973, when she and two of her little thug buddies were pulled over by New Jersey state troopers. Instead of calmly producing their driver’s licenses for the law enforcement officers, the trio decided to open fire on the turnpike. The shootout ended with Trooper Werner Foerster being shot dead. Shakur was also wounded.

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For her violent act that day, Shakur was sent to prison. She later escaped from behind bars and fled to Cuba. Her claim to fame is that she is the second U.S. citizen to make it onto the FBI’s list of the top 10 most wanted terrorists. What an accomplishment.

Shakur wrote an autobiography for all of those little street thugs who wish to follow in her footsteps. It wouldn’t be my first choice in reading material, however she does have an ample audience, as the book has been republished this month. In the foreword, liberal black activist Angela Davis described Assata Shakur as a “compassionate human being with an unswerving commitment to justice.” Not exactly how I’d describe a domestic terrorist who killed a cop, but as we’ve seen before, liberals will get behind just about anybody who aligns with their race-baiting agenda.

We’d like to wish Assata Shakur a very happy birthday. We hope her year is filled with love, joy and happiness. Not.

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