Pedophile Caught In The Act Gets His Face Bloodied

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Those who take advantage of children are the lowest of the low. Even prison inmates can’t stand those incarcerated who have sexually abused a minor. Luckily, one father was able to catch a predator in the act before he was able to defile his innocent daughter.

This video was filmed in Russia, so it’s uncertain what is being said. But from what you can see, you get all the information you need.

A man is seen entering the home of a little girl, presumably who he met online. The two make their way to a back room in the house.

As the man goes in for a kiss, the little girl shies away and her father pops out from a hiding place, which totally freaks the pedophile out.

The father chases the pedophile from the home. Then, the video cuts to a shot of the abuser’s face, which has been given a good pounding. Finally, he is hauled off by police.

Thank God this disgusting excuse for a human being was caught before he could ruin the childhoods of young children.

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