Store Owner KO’s Two Thieving Thugs, Pins Them Both Down Until Police Arrive

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In truly incredible footage, a store owner proved that he was, in no way, going to allow someone else to have what he rightfully earned. As the free-for-all breaks out, the courageous store owner is seen blasting the first thief in the face and sending him plummeting toward the ground.

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From there, he only had to get the other thug on the ground, in which he was successful in doing, where he is next seen doing the incredible. After pulling the one over thief on the floor over to the other, he then climbs atop the two and holds them down until police arrive.

The misery for the thieves is far from over however as the owner is seen delivering a series of blows in order to ensure the men stay down. Now that you guys have seen this incredible feat for yourselves, feel free to let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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