Obama Expands Right-Wing Terrorist Watch List Criteria: “Concrete Facts Are Not Necessary”

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Obama and his goon squad have made it increasingly clear that they are on the lookout for anyone that might present a threat to the current position of power. That being said, as patriots are evolving to be thought of as potential “domestic terrorists,” Obama is also changing the guidelines in what he wants be informed on.

According to recent reports, Obama just approved changes effectively expanding the criteria in which one may find themselves on the terrorist watch list. According to The Intercept:

The Obama administration has quietly approved a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system, authorizing a secret process that requires neither “concrete facts” nor “irrefutable evidence” to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist, according to a key government document obtained by The Intercept.

Welcome to the new America ladies and gentlemen, where citizens no longer have any rights, and mere suspicion is enough to lock you away for good. The countless documents put forth or leaked by the government demonstrating that they view Right Wing activists as the greatest threat to democracy at this point in time should send a shutter down your spine.

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What’s even more disturbing is that other reports have made clear Obama’s attempt to invade the lives of Americans through whatever means possible, whenever they can. A completely different report states that the current administration is complicit creating a new training program soon to be undergone by all EMT and firefighters.

Acting as invasive spies, the D.C. Clothesline explains that emergency personnel:

are asked to “evaluate whether an injury is a genuine accident or related to violent extremist activity,” by noting “hastily or expediently treated injuries” which “may be signs of suspicious activity.”

This new kind of initiative implemented by Obama demonstrates clearly that tactics in which he’s willing to go in order to remain in power. The Constitution means nothing to Obama nor do the rights of the citizens he governs over.

What do you guys think of this – how much more lawlessness is this president going to be allowed to commit before the American people rise up? Let us know what you think of what Obama is trying to accomplish here in the comments below.

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