Maine Defies Obama: Welfare Recipients Now Required To Work For Food Stamps

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The American people are just about fed up with Obama’s failure to do anything other than line his own pockets, and a recent action by one of the states, proves just that. According to recent reports, Maine is openly defying Obama’s attempt to enslave the nation through dependence and is now making welfare recipients work for their food stamps.

Because of the bad economy, things have been hard on several American’s, but the toll it’s taken on local government and tax payer dollars has been exponentially damaging. Seeing how Obama is yet to do anything remotely in interest of getting American’s back to work, the state of Maine is taking things into their own hands.

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Despite freeloaders having been able to do nothing more than wait by their mailboxes to receive their benefits in the past, the Department of Health and Human Services has just announced some new changes. According to the law that welfare recipients had able to sign a waiver to surpass throughout the past few years, any “able bodied” individuals will now be required to work a minimum of 20 hrs. a week to receive their food stamps.

Now this, unlike anything Obama has thus far implemented, will actually get people back to work.   Instead of making excuses (i.e. the economy is bad or there’s no jobs) freeloaders will no longer have a choice if they want to enjoy the benefits of other’s labor. What do you guys think of this – why hasn’t this been done sooner?

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