One Year Later, Facts Still Coming Forward About Thug-Wannabe Trayvon Martin

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We all know that the mainstream media, as well as his family, would have loved for the people of America to believe that Trayvon was a sweet and innocent boy. As time went on, it wasn’t hard to prove that he was anything but. One year later though, and the facts they worked so hard to conceal, are still coming forward showing his thug wannabe lifestyle.

Despite the iconic and angelic photo put forward by the mainstream media portraying Martin as a young and innocent boy, certain aspects of his life proved otherwise. Although he appeared quite small in the photo – seeing how it was taken 3 or 4 years prior to his death – Martin was actually over six feet tall and a muscular athlete.


He was heavily involved with the drug culture as, despite the media’s utmost attempts to conceal it, the drink in which he had purchased (that wasn’t actually ice tea, but a watermelon flavored drink) could be used in combination with the skittles in a sort of drug cocktail. According to reports, mixing a flavored drink with the candy skittles and codeine made what is called “Lean,” or better known as, “Purple Drank.”


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Even after he had passed, his social media account, or those in support of him, were littered with people saying they were going to light one up in honor of him. Further demonstrating his “wannabe” mentality, he even went by the Twitter handle [email protected]_LIMIT_NIGGA”.




Along with this, his social media account was littered with evidence of his aggressive and thuggish behavior. At one point, a “friend” of Trayvon’s was seen flashing a gang sign to the camera which was then posted to his page.




As the media did whatever it could to further raise social tensions, these facts were kept out of the mouths of anchors, and thus, out of the ears of everyday Americans. Instead of seeing the boy with several tattoos, we saw an innocent young boy rather than the man he was. Now this isn’t saying that tattoos unquestionably mark you as a thug or violent minded – it more goes toward the media’s attempts to shield his actual age.



We all know that Trayvon was not as innocent as he pretended to be, but why the need to cover up the facts? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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