This Idiot Thief Got The Surprise Of His Life Trying To Rob A Pawnshop

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As we’ve seen there are no mental capacity requirements when it comes to those who choose a life of crime, and one recent robbery only went to prove that further. While trying to rob a local pawn shop, one of the two thieves got the surprise of his life when he wasn’t looking.

After smashing the glass display to get their filthy mitts on the jewelry, the store owner discretely got his hands on his trust defense weapon – a baseball bat. As the thief is distracted by the shiny trinkets, the owner makes his move and smacks one of the robbers in the head with the bat, knocking him out cold.

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His pal tries to act quickly and help his buddy get out of the store, but they’re stopped by a customer that was formerly in the store. Having no choice but to abandon his buddy, the conscious thief muscles his way out the door and takes off.

The other thief is seen barely conscious making an effort to simply stand on his own two feet. Take a peek at the video above and let us know what you thought by leaving us a comment below.

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