Shocking New Details Of FOX News Anchor’s Booze-Fueled Arrest

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Back in May, we reported that Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett had been arrested in a bar at the Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport for getting belligerently drunk. Now, more details surrounding his arrest have surfaced.

As a Fox News spokesperson announced that Jarrett has been suffering from “serious personal issues” for some time, it appears that he was taking psychological medication, which when mixed with alcohol at the airport that day, helped to contribute to his erratic behavior. The same spokesperson reported, “A date at which Gregg might return to air has yet to be determined.”

A search of Jarrett’s person after he was apprehended led police to find gabapentin pills and evidence that the veteran news anchor had recently been released from an alcohol and drug treatment facility. Gabapentin is a drug which is used to treat convulsive disorders ranging from epilepsy to Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). It is unknown at this time for which medical condition Jarrett was prescribed the drug.

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Gabapentin can have severe side effects if a user is not monitored carefully by a doctor. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, users may experience strange or unusual thoughts and even contemplate suicide. Others may become increasingly aggressive, which seems to have happened to Jarrett. He was booked for interfering with a peace officer for grabbing a cop’s arm and resisting arrest. The offense is a misdemeanor. Jarrett was released on $300 bail.

It looks as though Jarrett will need to take a prolonged break from his duties at Fox News in order to focus on his health, which is the most important thing. Hopefully, he will make a successful recovery from any issues he is currently battling and return to reporting the news. We’ll keep you updated as to his progress as more information becomes available.

H/T: USA Today

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