Criminal Thug Disrespects Judge And Quickly Regrets It!

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Judge John Hurley is one judge you do NOT want to mess with! This video shows a sassy thug, Joseph Butler, yawning and nodding off as his  many charges are read out to the courtroom. When Butler issues a final loud yawn, Hurley addresses him.

“Oh don’t worry, sir. Sir, I heard you yawn, but don’t worry. You won’t yawn in just a minute. Trust me on that one,” Hurley tells him.

“I don’t care, man. I really don’t care,” Butler says.

“I know this is boring to you and you’d rather be out doing something else, but I can guarantee you won’t be stealing anymore after this conversation,” Hurley replied.

Hurley then unleashes his wrath on the criminal. He revokes his bond, and Butler ends up serving a significant amount of time in jail. Next time he’s in a courtroom, which will probably be very soon, he will definitely remember to respect the Judge!

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