Michelle Blows Through $10 Million In Pocket Change During Spending Spree


July 24, 2014 8:51am PST

The Obama’s lavish lifestyle has come under constant scrutiny as they continue to act more as royalty than the leader of the free world and his wife. Despite already having spent hundreds of millions of dollars on their frequent and lavish vacations, it seems that Michelle also needed a bit of pocket change for her leisurely activities – to the tune of $10 million.

Do you remember when Obama whined about Michelle not getting paid – well, apparently that isn’t true.

Over the course of just one vacation Michelle managed to rack up over $10 million in miscellaneous purchases that she deemed fitting of the First Lady. Apparently Michelle has a taste of the good life as luxurious shopping, high-end massages and top shelf vodka take up a bulk of her entitled “earnings.”

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Tax payers apparently aren’t the only ones enraged with the FLOTUS’ habits as even Obama is fed up with her antics. According to the whitehousedossier.com, the amount that comes out of the First Family’s pockets on Michelle’s lavish lifestyle is only drops in the bucket compared to, “the overall cost to the public.”

As the stars have it however, when it is coming out of his own pocket, Obama is “absolutely furious,” – imagine that. The thing to keep in mind here is that this only accounts for one vacation Michelle has taken. That being said, how much money do you think the First Lady – who has been accurately dubbed MOOCHelle – has leeched from the American people to feed her entitled mentality?

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