Debbie Wasserman Schultz HUMILIATED On Live Television

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It’s no secret that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is one of the dumbest and most annoying people in congress at the moment. On Tuesday, the head of the DNC lived up to her reputation when she appeared on John Ralston’s Nevada political talkshow called “Ralston Reports.”

According to The Daily Caller, she was on the program to discuss the issue of federal subsidies being given to people who bought health insurance on state exchanges.

Clearly, she was not very well prepared.

“Just take a state like Nevada, where you have a governor who refused to implement a state exchange and as a result people who get Affordable Care Act health-care plans are getting them on the federal exchange,” Wasserman Schultz proudly told Ralston.

Unfortunately for her, the congresswoman had her facts completely wrong, and Ralston immediately called her out on it.

“Let me just stop you for a second, because you’re misinformed about that,” Ralston said. “Brian Sandoval put in a state exchange. He did, so whoever briefed you on that is wrong. He did put in a state exchange. He was the first Republican governor to do that.”

Wasserman Schultz got very defensive about her mistake, saying that wasn’t her point anyway.

Looks like you need to get some of your facts straight, Debbie! Better luck next time!

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