Routine Traffic Stop Gone Wrong: Giant Thug Fights Back

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A shocking dashcam video shows a routine traffic stop take a horrifying turn. It begins when a cop sees a driver speed through a stop sign and pulls him over. When he exits the vehicle, the driver reveals himself to be a very angry 6 foot 4, 350 pound man.

The officer tries to handcuff the man when suddenly the driver starts to fight him. The video shows the driver get back into his car and attempt to drag the cop into his vehicle. Then, he steps on the gas pedal.

The cop is seen being dragged several feet before he falls to the ground. He runs back to his patrol car as the driver speeds away, crashing into other cars as he goes.

Surprisingly, the situation gets even worse from there. The driver puts his car in reverse and starts speeding towards the patrol car. The cop fires three shots, hitting the driver twice, and a chase ensues. Though the thug was hit, he drives 18 miles before finally stopping in Detroit.

According to The Blaze, the driver was immediately arrested and sent to the hospital. When police searched his car, they found drugs and wads of cash.

The officer escaped the incident with just an injured back. He is a very lucky man, as this situation almost had a very tragic ending.

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