Shocking Image Of Sunset Shows The Face Of God

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A photo of a sunset in the U.K. has captivated the attention of millions around the world. According to The Blaze, Jeremy Fletcher was on an evening walk in Norfolk County, England when he snapped a photo of the beautiful sunset.

Fletcher got more than he bargained for with the picture when he saw the clouds form in what looked like a human face. The God-like image shows a clear human face illuminated in heavenly light in the sky.

Though the picture has convinced many around the world that God has been captured on film, Fletcher himself isn’t convinced. Not a religious person, he told reporters he does not know what the image was.

“I realized the image looked remarkably like a face of a man with a beard so I took a number of shots on my phone. The face appeared to be looking back towards the shore,” he said. “The obvious comment is that it looks like God but it could also be Sean Connery or Karl Marx.”

Cloud experts say that it is not uncommon for a phenomenon such as this to occur. Crepuscular rays allow sunlight to shine through the clouds and create shapes or images in the sky.

While some have their doubts, there are still many believers who find the image inspiring.

“Everyone who lives here knows Norfolk is a bit special and now it seems to have been confirmed from above,” Charles Joyce, a local Norfolk government official, told reporters.

What do you think? Is this a picture of God in the heavens, or is it just random shapes in the clouds? Let us know in the comments below!

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