Police Anticipate Riots As Trayvon Martin 1-Yr Anniversary Fuels Racial Tensions

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As racial tensions continue to be fueled by those that either needs the crutch of racism to lean upon or want to further stuff their pockets, Trayvon Martin has been used once again to do just that. Despite being acquitted by a jury of his peers a full year ago, the verdict of not-guilty dealt to George Zimmerman has police on edge.

Just a year ago, certain members of the black community condemned news agencies and police departments for warning of riots during the time of Zimmerman’s verdict as being racist – yet they came about to be true. Now, as the year anniversary is rolling around, the same fears are re-surfacing and are expected to swing around full circle.


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Tensions around the world are currently running at max capacity and it would simply take a hot button issue like the Trayvon Martin case to set it all off, and that’s exactly what police have expressed concern about. In fact, just last Saturday, Trayvon’s parents took a trip to Los Angeles where they held a protest in memory of their son.


Despite the media diluting the fact, and perfecting the narrative they wanted to provide, it seems that a year later, there are some still resistant to opening their eyes to the facts. Instead, while holding signs, and chanting “What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now.,” police prepared for the worst.


Although nothing set off any sparks this time, police still remain vigilant for the time being. What do you guys think – do you remember the racial riots that occurred last year? Do you think they’ll kick back up for their deceased thug-wannabe idol again?

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