Bill Clinton’s Sexual Deviance On Account Of Mother’s Abuse

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It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard someone trying to justify their actions, but for the Clinton’s, covering up their misdeeds has become a bit of a habit. According to a new book, Bill Clinton’s sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, amongst the other droves of women rumored, was actually the result of childhood abuse suffered at the hands of his mother.

The information reportedly came out back in a 1999 interview between Hillary Clinton and Lucinda Franks who allegedly withheld the information despite already having released a bombshell prior that earned her a Pulitzer Prize. Now, in anticipation of Hillary’s 2016 run at the oval office, the book is set to be released just next month – although it’s unclear if the intentions were to destroy her chances or muster up a bit of sympathy all the while excusing her husband’s actions.


In the book, “Timeless: Love, Morgenthau and Me,” Hillary allegedly blames her mother-in-law Virginia Kelley – who is now deceased – for damaging her son. Furthermore she detailed that Kelley, hurt Bill “in ways you wouldn’t believe,” and truly was the root cause of Bill’s sexual addiction. Franks also explains that Hillary told her, “When a mother does what she does, it affects you forever.”

In a separate interview that was cast a shadow upon due to the media firestorm with Lewinsky, Hillary detailed the slip-up as a “sin of weakness,” but said that she remained faithful to him despite her, “enormous pain, enormous anger.”

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Isn’t she swell – couldn’t have been any ulterior motives for that decision, now could there have been?

Either way, Hillary, although not delving into the specifics of the abuse, told Franks, “He was so young when he was scarred by abuse. There was a terrible conflict between his mother and grandmother.”


This story comes on the heels of the recently released details that Bill’s sexual deviance even posed a threat to national security. Apparently Israel had somehow intercepted a few of Bill’s phone sex calls and used them as leverage in an attempt to have one of their spies released.

Of course, none of this really comes at any shock any longer when it comes to the Clintons, but what do you guys think? Is this release, despite its authenticity, an attempt to sway pity, or an attempt being made to sink the last few nails into Hillary’s 2016 campaign coffin?

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