Anti-Gun Policy Spells Tragedy For Target Employee

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Target CEO John Mulligan made it clear to Americans that the retailer is not a supporter of the Second Amendment when he made the statement that guns are unwelcome in the stores “even in communities where it is permitted by law.”

After national outrage ensued over Mulligan’s liberal views, many began to wonder how long it would take for Target to become a target (pun intended) for criminals. Well it didn’t take long at all for this to happen.

The first incident involved a group of armed assailants who attacked a man in the parking lot of a Gainesville, Fla. Target. Now, reports have surfaced of yet another tragic incident in Los Angeles, which took place on Tuesday morning.

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A gang member shot a Target employee, ultimately ending his life. The identity of the victim has not been released to the media. The shooter, who was on drugs, was also injured.

The employee was outside cleaning the parking lot area with a pressure washer at the time he was killed. A police spokesperson described the moments after the attack, when the employee’s co-workers found him:

“They noticed the pressure in the hose had been reduced. They went out to see if he was OK; and that’s when they found him with several gunshot wounds.”

As we suspected, criminals did not heed Mulligan’s warning that guns are not welcome at Target locations.

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H/T: Western Journalism

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