Obama Pushing UN To Enforce Worldwide Gun Control

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Liberals would like the government to control every aspect of your life. They want to have a hand in everything from the food you eat to how you raise your own kids. The only thing standing between the government obtaining absolute control is you and your gun. That’s why liberals are trying so hard to rid you of your pesky firearms.

If you thought the abuse of gun control laws was bad enough in the United States, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The United Nations is doing everything in their power to enact a gun control treaty which would strictly regulate the trade of firearms between countries internationally.

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The Arms Trade Treaty would threaten the ability of the U.S. to provide allies like Israel with firearms and would also allow foreign countries to vote on laws which could ultimately affect the Second Amendment rights of Americans. Clearly, no one other than an American citizen should have voting rites which would affect your civil liberties.

This treaty has been stopped in Congress before thanks to loud opposition from the American people and pro-gun groups like the NRA. It is imperative that Congress continues to stand firm in denying the treaty any place in American legislature, because Obama would love nothing more than to have the UN strip you of your guns. You can be sure though that he’d still find a way to put arms in the hands of his terrorist buddies.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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