This FOX Anchor Was Caught Doing Something Quite Embarrassing Live On The Air

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As a news anchor, there is a certain amount of caution that must be exercised at all times while on the job. We’ve all seen bloopers that coincidentally happened while cameras were rolling in the news room, and one camera over at Fox just caught something that some probably missed.

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A clip from a weekend segment was snatched by Jay Leno and put on his show for the world to see. In this clip a seemingly nonchalant glance by Dave Briggs was slowed down to expose that he had actually given the once – or twice – over to his co-host.

In the video, Briggs is seen eyeing up both co-hosts, on two separate occasions before raising a pleased eyebrow and bearing quite the grin. Take a peek at the video and let us know if this was just a coincidence of if they caught him in the act.

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