Dangerous New Trend Amongst Liberal Generation: Light Yourself On Fire


July 23, 2014 11:02am PST

In today’s generation it seems that just about nothing is off the table in terms of what people are willing to do with fame. Proving just that, a disturbing and dangerous new trend is becoming very popular – lighting yourself on fire.

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The trend seems to be most prevalent on the video sharing app called Vine in which users are allowed 6 seconds to show whatever they’d like. As most have taken to creating quick and creative clips with some becoming well known doing so, some are trying to break through the ceiling of fame by doing whatever it takes.

Now, set with a way to extinguish the fire – usually a water source of some sort (pool or shower) – teens have began to dangerously and foolishly light themselves on fire without any protective gear. Take a peek below at just a few of the examples of the aforementioned idiocy:

What do you guys think of this? How long do you think it will be before you learn from the news that a child has died from such foolishness?


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