Scantily Clad Malia Prompts Shocking Response From Obama


July 23, 2014 9:37am PST

As you’ve probably noticed, the Obama’s have become masters at shielding their daughters from the spotlight, but one occurrence may shed a bit of light onto how they’ve gone about doing just that. According to reports, the Obama’s has to literally strong arm the press into withholding pictures that depicted their scantily clad daughter.

Apparently, while in LA, Malia, unaccompanied by her parents, went to dinner at a restaurant called Gjelina. On her way out, paparazzi had made their way to her location and snapped a few photos and listed them for sale.

Shortly after learning that her daughter had her pictures taken, the king – er, I mean president – called the agency that put the photos up for sale, and demanded they not only take it down, but destroy them.

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Surprisingly, the agency did as it was told.

According to TMZ, “We’re told Michelle Obama’s people told the agency they had promises from various media outlets not to photograph the 2 girls when they were not in the presence of their father.”

Yet again, it seems that Obama has overstepped his legal and constitutional authority in an effort to get what he wants. Despite the First Amendment obligating the president to acknowledge America’s freedom of the press, he doesn’t seem bothered by the silly nuisance.

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