Colorado Residents Legally Committing Welfare Fraud On Massive Scale

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As Obama continues to wreck what was left of the economy, it seems that those willing to benefit of his incompetence are helping him drive this disastrous train. It has been most recently discovered that Colorado welfare recipients are spending their benefits on weed.

According to a National Review Online analysis, welfare recipients have swiped their EBT cards at local recreational marijuana shops a total of 259 times wasting a tax payer funded, grand total of $23,608.53. The money comes directly from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) fund, and has caught the attention of both tax payers and officials alike.

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On July 11, politicians and legislators decided to put an end to it by passing a law that banned, “the use of TANF funds at marijuana shops, bars, liquor stores, gambling establishments, and other potentially inappropriate venues.” According to the deputy director of the CDHS Office of Economic Security, Todd Jorgensen, “For the first time in Colorado, the rule will allow us to deactivate an EBT card if we identify misuse. . . . The department takes the appropriate use of TANF funds very seriously.”

This however only makes it one step harder for welfare recipients to get what they want, as now all they must do is go to a nearby ATM to draw out the money before their weed shop visit. What do you guys think of this – do government granted benefits need to be better regulated?


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