Meet The Next Trayvon Martin: Renisha McBride

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Between the Liberal media bias, race baiters and “white” demonization, it’s hard to forget the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, but all those feelings are about to come rushing back. Meet Renisha McBride, the black teen who was killed by a white man, whose story has since been dubbed the sequel to Trayvon Martin.

Allegedly, McBride (a black woman) was shot to death by 55-year-old Theodore Wafer (a white man) on his own front porch.

As the story goes, McBride had crashed her car into a parked car during the early morning hours of November 2. From there the accounts of the story seem to split according to the defense and prosecution.

According to the prosecution of Wafer, McBride was simply approaching the man’s house for a bit of help and was knocking on the door, but the defense paints quite a different picture. Reports dictate that McBride was intoxicated at 11 times the legal limit for minors, and Wafer states that she was knocking on the door so hard that he thought someone was trying to kick the door in.

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Furthermore, the man reports that McBride ripped the screen door off its hinges during her “violent” outburst, but the prosecution claims it came off as Wafer discharged his weapon through the screen door at McBride.

Unlike the Zimmerman/Martin case, this one is not heavily centered around race nor has anyone expressed any interest in it being that way either – and why should it be, it’s an argument regarding use of force.

According to Wafer’s attorney Cheryl Carpenter, “To the defense, this is not a case about racism so it won’t be an issue in the case. I know the media and a lot of the public thinks that, but when the evidence comes out, it will not be racially charged.”

Even McBride’s aunt, Bernita Spinks, has expressed, “I don’t think it should be about that,” she said. “I would never speak on that. I’m not the judge. God’s the judge. He knows everything.”


We’ll have to see if even her own family will deter the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson from surfacing in a transparent attempt to further stuff their own pockets. As it stands, there is also one more thing that differs regarding this case from Martin’s; the jury. Unlink the notoriously racially centered case, there are 4 blacks on this jury.

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Now, we all remember the outcry for poor old Trayvon despite his wanna-be thug mentality, but there really hasn’t been such a notion for McBride as everyone involved seems to desire the truth and justice a bit more.

“In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, people began to mobilize,” Mark Fancher, staff attorney for the ACLU of Michigan’s Racial Justice Project said. “In this case, law enforcement and prosecutors all said the right things. People wait to decide whether to become active until after the final outcome. People are watching it. If things don’t go as they reasonably should based on whatever the proof is the jurors see, people might re-emerge and mobilize again.”

So what do you guys think – there aren’t too many facts, but which way do you see this case leaning? Should race be considered? Will the main stream media pick this story up in order to stir the racial pot with the help of those like Sharpton and Jackson? Let us know your thoughts on the entire ordeal below.

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