Watch The Shocking Video That Got This Hot Cop FIRED

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A beautiful Los Angeles volunteer cop is under fire for a video she posted on youtube ranting about bicyclists. Laura Weintraub has a youtube series called “Cupholder  Commentary” in which she rants about various issues, but some are saying she went too far with this one!

The video opens with her driving with her camera and saying  “I hope we run over…I mean run into some bicyclists today.”

Later, Weintraub asks the man driving her car how much she would need to pay him to run over a bicyclist.

“I hate bicyclists, every single one of them,” the off-duty officer added, before mocking the clothes and demeanor of every single two-wheeled rider they passed.

The video finishes with an image of a car running over several bikes with the caption “Like you’ve never thought about it…” underneath.

According to The New York Daily News, the video was posted on the Police Department’s Facebook page last week. At first, they stood by Weintraub, but as the bicycling community got more and more pissy about the video they had no choice but fire the young officer.

Of course, Weintraub has released a very public apology, but it is probably too late for the beautiful cop.


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